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MAS Tarbiya in Houston What You Need to Know

Tarbiya, derived from the Arabic language, signifies growth, development, and elevation. It encompasses the holistic training and nurturing of individuals, often associated with the upbringing of children where parents provide them with the necessary physical, educational, moral, and spiritual support for their constructive contribution to society.

In MAS Houston, Tarbiya signifies the systematic development and training of human resources, encompassing all members in their physical, educational, moral, and spiritual dimensions. Islamic Tarbiya adheres to Islamic guidelines and principles, aligning the goals of personal development with Islamic teachings and employing means that are under Islamic principles. This process extends beyond individuals to foster team spirit, promoting values such as love, brotherhood, and mutual trust, as taught by Islam.

MAS Houston recognizes Tarbiya as a paramount process, with the Tarbiya Department serving as a permanent entity within the organization.

This belief stems from the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), who dedicated significant effort to lead his companions through the Tarbiya process.

His endeavors not only left a profound message but also established a generation that disseminated this message and spread the light of Islamic teachings globally.

MAS Houston is committed to delivering a rigorous educational curriculum that focuses on the systematic development of Muslim individuals, families, and communities.

This comprehensive approach aims to empower and nurture members in their physical, educational, moral, and spiritual growth.

By generously contributing to support the Muslim American Society in Houston, you can support the funding of numerous impactful youth and community-building projects that continuously touch the lives of thousands within our city.

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