Muslim American Society
in Houston

Trying to achieve our mission and vision
one day at a time.


Muslim American Society in Houston

With a strong presence in over 30 chapters around the United States of America, the Muslim American Society (MAS) stands as a dynamic and influential organization dedicated to promoting God-consciousness, justice, and liberty while fostering a clear understanding of Islam. Our vision encompasses creating an exemplary Muslim community that seamlessly integrates and positively contributes to American society – a movement for positive change that is comprehensive, moderate, relevant, dynamic, and engaging.

Here at MAS Houston, we go beyond the mere acquisition and development of buildings, recognizing that material assets serve as tools to achieve our broader objectives.

Our primary focuses include investing in our youth, fostering cooperation among diverse communities and organizations, strengthening institutional presence for American Muslims, training religious leaders, providing accurate information about Islam to the public, and actively working to make America a better place for all.

By prioritizing the development and empowerment of our human resources, we strive to achieve these objectives. Whether it’s through acquiring buildings, establishing schools, or organizing events, every endeavor undertaken by MAS Houston ultimately contributes to the growth and refinement of our human resources.

We encourage you to explore our core departments: Youth, Tarbiya, and Outreach.

These departments form the foundation of our methodology for developing our human resources. Your support, whether through time, commitment, or financial contributions, fuels our progress and enables us to make a lasting impact.

Thank you so much for considering joining us on this mission – it means the world to us.

Your involvement in any MAS Houston project, program, or initiative directly supports the mission of these core departments. Together, we can continue to make a difference.