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Mas Freedom Foundation

The Freedom Foundation is the civic and human rights advocacy branch of the Muslim American Society. The Houston chapter's MAS Freedom Foundation works to empower the American Muslim community and ensure the preservation of civil rights for all Americans through civic education, political participation, community outreach, and coalition-building.

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MAS Houston Scouts Departments offers programming for youth in elementary and middle school. Based on the traditional Boy Scout and Girl Scout programs, MAS Scouts teaches children leadership, stewardship, and character in a safe and Islamic environment. The scouts program instills Islamic values by immersing youth in exciting and challenging experiences including scouting camps, skills-building activities, and educational talks by trained mentors.

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Tarbiya is the process of developing individuals to exemplify Islamic teachings in their daily life and empowering them to be the best they can be. The MAS Houston Tarbiya Department provides self-development forums, knowledge-based programs, and training services for MAS membership and the broader Muslim community. One of the trademark programs of MAS Tarbiya is the weekly tarbiya gathering (also called usra or halaqa) which is open to MAS members of all levels.

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Across the United States, MAS Youth chapters are inspiring young people to live for a mission and be champions of social change. The Houston MAS Youth chapter, one out of more than 40 chapters nationwide, reaches out to the community's young people through established youth centers, MAS on campus, signature projects, spiritual programs, and other creative and innovative programs.

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The MAS Houston Outreach Department engages in educational and interfaith outreach while providing relief and needed services to neighboring communities and Houston residents. MAS outreach activities include volunteering at Cathedral Health and Outreach Ministries to provide laundry and kitchen services to Houston's homeless and providing support to a local Qur'an school.

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MAS Katy Center - Construction Update

 All praise to Allah swt we have made a great improvement to our property. Less than three years ago all we had was a small house with ten acres of woods around. it is now a beautiful part of the city with a spacious playground, a small amenity lake, soccer field, basketball court and football field with beautiful landscaping around it.

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