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MAS Youth Center - Clear Lake

The MAS Youth Center - Clear Lake is designed to be a place where young Muslims can feel at home, take on leadership roles, and be valued and empowered.  The youth center hosts a range of weekly ongoing activities for community youth, from weekly Friday Night Live events and workshops to sports activities. The youth centers are meant to be a place for youth by youth, where young people can hang out, organize activities for their peers, invite their friends, and be themselves in a safe, Islamic environment.

For information about events here, please contact Irwan Tantu at or 281-827-8718

 MAS Youth Eidshare Project - Hospital and Date To be Determined

Note:  Eid ul Adha 1432 (2011) will be either on Nov 6 or 7 inshaAllah.

The purpose of the Eid Gift-giving Activity is to show our generosity and share our joy of Eid with non-Muslim children who are hospitalized.  Furthermore, the MAS Youth participants will gain a sense of Islamic responsibility.  

Visiting the sick                                                       

In a hadeeth reported by Abu Moosa Ash’ari (RA), the Prophet (SAW) said, “Feed the hungry, VISIT THE SICK and free the captives (Bukhari).

A few years ago, on the last day of Ramadan, the MAS Youth Girls presented gifts to every patient on the Seventh Floor of the Texas Children’s Hospital at the Texas Medical Center.  Each child received a beautifully wrapped present, an Eid card, and a get-well card from local Islamic school students.  In addition, goody bags were available in the lobby for kids visiting the patients in the hospital.

If you would like to particpate or help in anyway with your time, efforts, or donations, please contact Sr. Zainab Ghwari @ or Sr. Javeria Pirzada @


MAS Youth Center -Clear Lake              16302 Sealark Rd, Ste C   Houston, TX 77062     281-461-4627