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MAS Katy Center

1800 Baker Rd, Houston, TX, 77094



Fajr 5:15 AM
Dhuhr 1:30 PM
Asr 5:15 PM
Maghrib 10 min after Sunset
Isha 10:00 PM
Jumua 1:30 PM
Timing changes if any are on the 1st and 15th of every month
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History of MAS Katy Center
Katy is a suburb of Houston, Texas located 25 miles west of downtown. It is primarily middle to upper class with a large Muslim community. In 2006, an 11 – acre plot of land was purchased in an affluent residential are with hopes of becoming the home of the first complete Islamic center in Katy. Late in 2007, a master plan was put together for the entire plot of land. Phase 1, with a budget of $1.1 million started in July 2009 after securing all the required construction permits. The new prayer hall was completed in April 2010. The parking lot expansion project was completed in April 2011, and the community welcomes the start of the new masjid construction 2012.
Objectives of MAS Katy Center
A.    Enhance the image of the Islamic faith and the Muslim community.
B.    Support the community with a facility that responds to its immediate and long-term needs.
C.    Create an attractive and positive environment for religious and social activities.
D.    Create an inviting environment for Muslims as well as non-Muslims.
E.    Generate the support of the community members as well as the neighbors by securing a high quality facility.
F.    Include income generating elements to secure the proper maintenance and future improvements.



MAS Katy Center - Ongoing Projects and Activities for the community
A.    MAS Katy Center Masjid – 5 daily prayers and Jumua
B.    MAS Katy Islamic Academy and Houston Quran Academy
C.    MAS Katy Day Care Center
D.    Al-Huda University
E.    Sunday School
F.    Saturday School
G.    Construction project - Main masjid building
H.    Youth Facilities…
The MAS Katy Center has a sprawling football/soccer field, a volley ball court and a basketball court where the Youth share a special bond towards the center as well as their friends. We also have nice play area for our “little” youth to have them connected since their budding years.
                                          i.    Soccer League
                                         ii.    Karate Classes
                                        iii.    Youth Halaqa for high school and college.
                                        iv.    Scouting – Boys and girls (near future ISA)
                                         v.    Archery (near future ISA)
I.      Financial assistance - Zakat Fund.
J.     Guidance on funeral services.
K.    Outreach programs
                                          i.    Interfaith
                                         ii.    New Muslim support group
L.     Community Education:
                                          i.    Weekend Tajweed Halaqa
                                         ii.    Thursday (English) and Friday (Arabic) Fiqh classes – After maghrib
                                        iii.    Daily after Isha Khatira
                                        iv.    Friday Isha - Khutba - Open Discussion
                                         v.    CPR education.
M.   Community Activities
                                          i.    Every Thursday Community Fasting and Iftar.
                                         ii.    Family Day – 3rd Sunday of each month.
                                        iii.    Eid Carnivals on every Eid.
                                        iv.    Ramadan Iftars.
                                         v.    Blood drives.