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The Freedom Foundation is the civic and human rights advocacy branch of the Muslim American Society. The Houston chapter's MAS Freedom Foundation works to empower the American Muslim community and ensure the preservation of civil rights for all Americans through civic education, political participation, community outreach, and coalition-building.

Houston Muslim Leadership Event

Houston Muslim community is relatively a very small fraction of the total population of this fourth largest city in the USA. However, we are blessed that our community has many dedicated activists, and although our methods and strategies are different, we share the same goals; i.e., promote Islam and Islamic values.

A meeting of Houston Muslim Leadership will be held on Sunday, February 28, at  University of Houston Student Center Main Banquet Hall. This meeting is designed as a forum where all organizations are equal participants and no one is considered as the host organization. The purpose of this meeting is create a venue for Houston Muslim Community leaders to understand each other’s strengths, scope of activities and desires for future growth.

For more information on this event, please contact Houston Shifa Clinic at 281.561.5767 or email br. Amjad below.

Department Contact:
Amjad Muhtaseb