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You may contact MAS Houston by email, phone, or by dropping by one of our centers or ongoing events. To be notified of upcoming MAS Houston events, join our general announcement list by clicking here.

To visit MAS Katy Center, request an interview, or inquire about a speaking engagement with Dr. Main Alqudah, please send an e-mail to  Send questions or comments to or call (281) 717-4622. Our fax number is (281) 717-4723. 

MAS Houston has four centers in Houston:

Houston Qur'an Academy
1902 Baker Rd, Houston, TX 77094
Phone: 281-717-4622    

 MAS Katy Center
1800 Baker Road Houston, TX 77094
Phone: 281-829-0600

MAS Youth Center Clear Lake
16302 Sealark Rd Suite C Houston, TX 77062
Phone: 281-461-4627

Katy Islamic Academy Daycare
1902 Baker Rd
Houston, TX 77094     281-717-4847

Donation/ Tax Receipt Inquiries for all MAS projects:

(If you changed addresses, please update our accountant Sr. Mahajabin Kazia to ensure you receive your receipt.) Receipts are mailed out for donations of $500 or greater. Ph 713-785-4326   Fax 713-583-7883  Sr. Mahajabin Kazia.

Event Scheduling and Website Contents, please contact us at